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general terms & conditions (GTC)

Booking, scope of the booking and cancellation

Bookings are made by telephone, in writing, by e-mail or in person. 

The booking confirmation is usually also made in writing on the basis of the applicable enclosed General Terms and Conditions. The service includes planning and contacting. However, the times of the booked tour (120 min. or 180 min. and agency services) are not affected by this. This means that getting to know each other, communication in advance and the planning and coordination of the service are not part of this specified time. They are, however, included in the quoted price. Further agency and planning services (e.g. restaurant planning, reservations and personal preparation of these services) may require an additional fee. This will always be communicated and agreed prior to the service or arrangement.

If a restaurant reservation cannot be made (e.g. due to illness of a participant or similar), it must be canceled either by telephone or in person at the restaurant or in advance with the guide. The resulting fee for the service and planning remains valid.

Planned tours or services can be canceled with 2 hours' notice in person or by telephone to the guide before the agreed start time. Cancellations made after this time will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the agreed fee.


The services can be booked in German, English, Spanish and Croatian.

Cooperation with partners

In principle, the choice of locations during a city tour as well as the choice of hotel and restaurant reservations and planning is based exclusively on the personal wishes and preferences of the guests or clients. The guide is free to choose the locations and is not tied to fixed locations. The guide works together with proven partners in the hotel, restaurant and organization sector if these correspond to the individual wishes of the booker. The decision is made individually by the guide in consultation with the client.

Maximum number of participants / changes

The minimum number of participants is 1 person. There is no maximum number of participants for the services. For groups of 6 people or more, however, we explicitly request that this be communicated in advance so that we can ensure the best possible service provision through appropriate planning. The same applies to short-term changes in the number of participants or the wish to adjust the scope of services. The guide must be informed as soon as possible if there are any changes or requests for changes that affect the provision of services. The guide may decide at his own discretion whether or not these changes are possible at short notice. If they cannot be implemented, the guide will communicate this accordingly in advance.

Method of payment

Unless otherwise agreed, the fee will be paid to the city guide in cash in euros immediately after the service. The total amount does not include any agency fees.

The prices on the tour or booking date apply.

Waiting time/failure

The calculation time for the fee begins when the group to be guided arrives, but at the latest on the agreed tour date. A waiting time of 15 minutes from the agreed start of the tour must be observed by the guide. After this time has elapsed, the guide is free to continue waiting or to consider the group as not having arrived and thus charge 50% of the agreed fee. If the guests to be guided arrive late, it must be agreed between them and the city guide whether the tour should be shortened accordingly, whether a different, shorter route should be chosen or whether the agreed duration of the tour should be adhered to. However, this is only possible if the guide does not have other personal obligations to attend to. If the tour is shortened, the fee is made up of the waiting time and the actual duration of the tour. Arrival at the agreed time is the sole responsibility of the person making the booking. In the event of non-arrival, interruption or non-utilization, even of parts of the services by the booking party, the tour guide is entitled to demand the full agreed fee, provided that the service provision has already begun.

Accessibility (barrier-free)

Information for people with walking difficulties: Depending on the tour, there may be longer distances or obstacles to overcome, e.g. stairs, cobblestones. However, wheelchair users can still be taken along and the tour or service can be designed and adapted to meet these requirements.

For further information, please call +49 178 80 86 908


Road closures, construction sites, events and other unforeseeable situations can affect the course of a tour or city walk. Enormous increases in capacity utilization at weekends or during international trade fairs in the city of Nuremberg can affect the service in terms of restaurant planning, reservations and recommendations as well as the planning of stays in hotels and accommodation. However, these circumstances will always be pointed out before booking.


The city tours can take place on public roads and paths as well as on paved and unpaved paths. Participants must assess and decide for themselves and on their own responsibility whether they meet these requirements. Misjudgements in this regard are the sole responsibility of the participant. Participation in city tours is always and exclusively at the participant's own risk. In the case of guided tours for children and young people/groups, the duty of supervision does not lie with the guide but with the customer. The tour guide is only liable for damages caused by an intentional or grossly negligent breach of contract by himself or by his legal representative or vicarious agent. The liability of the tour guide relates exclusively to the tour of the agreed scope of services and the agreed time period and is limited to the amount of the agreed tour fee. Recommendations and mediations are made on the basis of best knowledge and conscience, as described in the service description.

Acknowledgement and acceptance of the GTC

The customer of a city tour accepts these conditions for himself and the tour participants by placing the order.

Data protection regulations

By making a booking, you consent to your details being used to answer your inquiry or to contact you. You also agree that your data may be passed on to the city guide for the purpose of contacting you in connection with the booked city tour. You have taken note of the data protection regulations.
You can revoke your consent in writing at any time with effect for the future. In the event of revocation, your data will be deleted immediately.

Status: February 2, 2024

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